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I'm Catherine!

My friends call me Cat! I'm a New England Wedding Photographer, based in Connecticut, and I've been doing this for six whole wonderful years. I photograph non-traditional and intimate weddings and adventurous couples. Although I'm based in CT, I travel worldwide for weddings. From the US, to Austria, to Scotland, I've also worn the hats of professional dog spotter, travel enthusiast, foodie, and game night planner, with an awesome partner, Cameron, and the best dogs on the planet, our Weims, Oban and Winnie.

Whether it's photographing tearful moments, or big giggly embraces, emotion is the driving force behind what I do. My not-so secret power is helping couples feel super comfortable in front of the camera, so your experience is epic and your final gallery is beautiful and timeless; full of love, candid laughter, adventure & the best dance party captures you could hope for. I will capture how your day felt

Stoked doesn't begin to cover the fact that you are here. If you're looking for a photographer that will make you comfortable, capture the unexpected, laugh (and cry) with you and ensure your needs are met on your wedding day or session, you came to the right place; I can't wait for you to introduce yourselves!

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"my friends become clients
& my clients become friends"

Couples like you, come here, when they're looking for someone to honor their wedding day as their own, and capture all of the big emotions and little moments, all the while feeling like someone gets you and your community.

If you're in the midst of planning and you're still searching for that secret sauce that allows you to relax and feel like your day is being captured as you envisioned (or even better than what you can imagine), you're in the right place.

I'll be there to make sure you feel amazing and that working alongside me, takes something OFF your plate, rather than putting more things on it. If you know that's what you want:

If you're here, there's a good chance that you are badass, life loving, QUIRKY adventurers with perhaps a non-traditional approach to your wedding day.

The difference between super awkward and kinda epic in your photos and experience, is finding someone who vibes with you.

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whether it's a crazy adventure that brought you here, or you plan on having one from here on out...


This day punctuates your love story! Making couples comfortable enough to be themselves in front of my camera, free of stress, is why I love what I do, and it's how I capture photos that will let you feel your day when you look back on it. Whether that's love, belly laughter, warmth, happy tears, or awesome shock at the perfectly unexpected moments you didn't even realize were happening around you, I want you to do more than just see it...


I want you to feel it. 

I aim to deliver all the big key moments, and the sweet in-between ones too

These moments that make up your day, are part of your greater love story! The way you two look at each other and the intentional details that you have selected to make this day so special. Whether you're going non-traditional, or you're combining traditional with the most unique parts of you, I'm here to capture that!

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